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Patient Survey Feedback 2024 Posted or Updated on 28 Mar 2024

Penylan Surgery Patient Survey Analysis

  • The patient survey was undertaken from August 2023 until September 2023.
  • The aim was to collect 25 responses per 1000 pts, within 1 month.
  • The practice was able to collect 259 responses.
  • Most responses were electronic, with a few paper submissions. 
  • QR codes were sent out wiht letters to patients, this gained the most responses. 

Using a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 is very bad and 10 is excellent, the Surgery received an average rating of 7.78.

Patients have a desire for more online access options.

Patients would like weekend clinics.

Patients would like to see a GP face to face more often. 

Patients dislike feeling they have to call at 8am to gain an appointment.

Our current telephone system struggles to cope with patient demand and this impacts on the quality of service we offer.

Patients are happy with the quality for care they receive from clinicians. 

Agreed Survey Actions

  1. Review the current appointment system.
  2. Review the current triage policies.
  3. Continue to invest in telephony to improve experience.
  4. Look at ways to improve patient engagemnent. 
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